Kathy Wallace

Real Estate Agent

New City was founded by Kathy Wallace, a veteran real estate agent, and community development activist with more than two decades of experience in real estate and sales development. During this experience, she has inspired and/or represented a large number of urban condominium projects (full list below).

Prior to these condo developments, she was a passionate champion for the development of City of Pittsburgh neighborhoods through brick and mortar solutions to community building via non-profit, cultural and entrepreneurial ventures that have benefited the Pittsburgh region. Some of these include Nine Over Ninth Gallery, The Multimedia Foundry, The North Suburban Builders Association Charitable Foundation, as well as serving on numerous non-profit executive boards and fund raising committees.

When she first moved to downtown Pittsburgh from the Northern suburbs, she saw a demand and desire for urban living but incredibly limited opportunities for people to buy.  That said, the city was full of architecturally significant, but vacant or under utilized buildings. The solution for more feet on the street and increased potential for buyers to live in truly urban, walkable and culturally rich neighborhoods has now become more viable with more and more development ahead.

Kathy not only works with developers to select key locations for their development, but also consults on the market, the product, pricing, and everything that goes into an urban development from conception to completion. She consults and works along side many strong teams of developers, investors, architects, construction as well as her sales/marketing team to truly advise on this “new” city.

It is Kathy’s knowledge and enthusiasm for city living that is the key to New City’s success. It is also her desire to build and/or enhance neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh in support of the social, environment and economic benefits that accompany an urban lifestyle and ensure diverse and thriving neighborhoods.